Accounts Technician

Diploma Financial Accounting, Diploma Business Management, Certificate Import & Export Management


Heidi is very passionate about life.  Loves the outdoors and is very practical and hands-on in all she does.  With 33 years of experience in the Banking Sector, SAPS, Security, Fabrics, Floral Industry, Geotechnical Investigations, Manufacturing, and Import Management, she can assist in a large variety of fields.  Working with auditors and auditing procedures completes her accounting experience.  She loves solving problems, working with numbers and creating a structure where there is chaos.  No task is too small or too big and she is up for any challenge that comes her way.


She works together with people such as Actions Coaches, Recruitment Agencies, Web Developers, PR Companies, IT Companies, Accountants and Financial Advisors to ensure that you as a business owner will get the best possible assistance to make great progress.


Heidi is married with 3 sons who live and work in KZN and JHB.  She is a nature lover that loves to work around the house, take long walks in the mountains when camping.
She loves the beach and boogie boarding.
She loves living life!



B.Sc. (Eng.) G.C.C., MSAIMechE, Th.B



Malcolm is a student of life, philosophy and practical spirituality within the context of active daily living. He was a Methodist minister for a few years but has spent most of his life as a Mechanical Engineer and gained valuable experience working with people in a management role.

Teaching and helping people gain knowledge is his prime passion and this has led to a new career in the past five years presenting workshops on numerous topics in the context of personal development and lifelong learning.

Presenting workshops and facilitating interaction between people has become Malcolm’s vocation. He has a relaxed and humorous style of working and works across a broad range of topics and levels of understanding. In addition to the ‘Next Step’ programme, he is currently involved in part-time work with a textile company as their factory engineer and participates in training programmes related to engineering and lean production. Retirement, change, transition and planning are areas of great interest to him. He is not a retirement financial specialist but has competency in the area of the emotional and spiritual aspects of the transition into retirement. Malcolm is married and has three sons who live and work in London. He enjoys reading a great deal, playing the guitar and providing the necessary engineering skills around the house. To keep fit he walks and swims. He loves to travel to new and interesting places whenever he can. He is now enjoying the magical experience of being a grandfather.